[SOLVED] Trigo Run Movement is broken

Pls help me trigo run movement doesn’t work anymore, it isn’t giving me any errors but it just doesn’t work so pls help me
there’s the editor pls tell me what to change/fix to save the game

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pls i really don’t want to abandon the project and i might have to if it is broken

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It gives me an error.

Your onContact function is not correct, which is probably preventing your update function from running. Please try to replace the bracket from line 28 to line 89.

can you fork it and do that because i broke the code, it won’t work, and i have no idea what to change so… also that error was caused after i tried to fix the movement

can you pls fork the project and fix it because no matter what i do it won’t work for me

Why you didn’t do this? Right now you have to replace line 47 to line 92.

idk how to do that, replace what, and how, and how will it look, i have no idea how to do this

also that error isnt the only problem the movement itself won’t work even without that error

Just remove it from the first line and add it to the other line.

it still doesn’t work UGH

i did what you asked and it still doesn’t workkkkk :(((

You didn’t do exactly what I was asking for. Line 47 is still there and right now you are also missing a } bracket at line 88.

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ok it works kinda, the movement is fixed. but now i can’t jump so halfway fixed :confused:

half fixed

Half fixed. Understood. Now you have to find out why you can’t jump. Please check the variables of your statement.

fixed it my jump force was at 0 lol put this as solved movement is fixed, thank you :slight_smile:

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