[SOLVED] Touch Control Tutorial

Is there a tutorial around for how to implement touch controls for mobile? I’m trying to learn how all this works and I got my ball rolling around pretty well with arrow keys on a laptop keyboard but I’d like to step it up a notch and try touch.

Hi @Scott_Boyan and welcome!

Here is a list of sample projects involving touch controls you can check out to see how that’s implemented:


Also you can follow up the Making a Simple Game tutorials series which implements touch controls, as well:


Thank you!!! That’s a big help.

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Is there an example of first-person control with touch? I have it working fine with mouse and WASD. I’d like to layer on touch control.

Yes, it’s included in the Playcanvas engine examples:


Works better in landscape mode!

Thank you. That works really well. Is there a way I can get to the editor on that so I can see how you did it?

That project isn’t available in the editor, works directly with the Playcanvas engine.

But here is a similar one, that implements both mouse and touch controls for a first person controller, in editor:


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Thank you Leonidas!!!

That works so well, Leonidas! It’s perfect for what I’m trying to do. Thank you!

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