[SOLVED] Tonemapping default value

Hi all,

I had an issue with a project in which I needed to maintain brand colors and just at the end of the building process I discovered that the Tonemapping was set as ACES2 instead of Linear, the default value mentioned in API reference.

Scene | PlayCanvas API Reference

And I saw that others projects have different values too, even though I never touched this value. Why did this happen or what may I have inserted in code that can change this value?

In the first project I mentioned I inserted this Bloom HDR script, maybe it is the culprit?

Physically Based HDR Bloom - Useful Resources - PlayCanvas Discussion

Some of the project templates will have different scene settings. For example the Model Viewer template is set to ACES2 so if you create a new project from that, it will be ACES2

The API you referenced, the default is the engine default. ie if you were creating a new scene from code rather than being built from the Editor

Thanks @yaustar !