[SOLVED] The red-orange striped bar under uploaded asset

Hi I have issue with uploaded asset I get the red-orange striped bar under asset what is it?
the issue is with .dae

It means that the asset encountered an error on import. Are you able to share the asset so we can debug the problem please?

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it’s in size 100MB

100MB? Wow, that’s huge for a 3D model. Still, PlayCanvas should be able to import it so it would still be useful to examine the file.

I should mention that the format you’re using is DAE (Collada). This is no longer commonly used by developers. FBX is a much more reliable alternative.

ok here is the file

I tried to load the file into Maya and it actually crashes the application:

3D Studio Max can load it but it looks wrong:

As I say, I recommend you don’t use Collada, and instead use FBX. Collada is a text based format (which is why your file is 100MB). FBX has a binary format which means the same scene would be maybe 10MB.


yes with fbx is ok