[SOLVED] The pound symbol (£) and the Text UI element

Hey there,

I’ve just come across a weird issue; when I’m using a Text UI element, regardless of font, the £ sign is not rendering. Other symbol (like the dollar sign) are though haha. Has anyone encountered this? Is there a way around it?

It feels like it could be a bug in the engine but I wanted to check.

Hi @hearsepileup,

Are you using the default font on your text element? Most likely the pound symbol isn’t included in the generated font asset.

You can easily fix that by using your own font, that includes a pound a symbol. Just make sure when you generate the font asset to add the symbol to your character set.

Check the docs here for more:


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Ahhh, I see. For some reason all the fonts that I imported (despite having a £ symbol), didn’t have that included in the imported font; as soon as I add it in it works fine.