[SOLVED] Textures On Created Mesh quickly look "washed" when in some distance

Hey Fellow developers!

I wrote a script that creates a Rectangular Mesh with desired Rows and Columns. Later I apply a material and set the UVs correctly. It works quite good for creating streets. From the top view nothing seems wrong.

But when viewed from an angle, the Quality rapidly drops of in the distance (about 100 Units in the PC editor). Anyone knows what could be wrong here?

I tried tweeking some rendering settings but with no effect…

Hi @Bfischlin,

You can increase the Anisotropy setting from 1 to a higher value, on your texture asset. That can have a performance hit on lower end devices, but it will increase the quality in this case:



@Leonidas WoW! Thank you :slight_smile:

What do you thinkg is a good value when trying not to hit the performance to hard?

I would say as low as possible so you can get a good visual result. Try opening your app on a phone and check the frame rate.

You could also add some logic in a script to set it back to 1 for lower end devices or as a user preference (low / high quality).

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