[SOLVED] Texture does not fill entire entity


I have a problem with my object and the pngs I apply to it and I don’t understand why.

black zone

As you can see when I apply the png on my object there are black borders on the sides, on my png there are no black edges, so I don’t understand why there are any on my object.

there is my png:


link on my project : PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

If you have any idea why it’s doing this, that’ll be great

Thank you

Looks like a UV problem on the model you are using. The texture you are using has transparent borders so if the UV map is not correct on the model, it’s going to look wrong. At a guess, the UV is including some part of the image transparent borders on the texture

Hey thanks for you’re response!

So you think there is a problem on the model i’m using with the UV map ?

That would be my guess or the texture is not correctly mapped to the UV coordinates

Hmm how the texture cant be correctly mapped ? i didn’t change any parameters ?

Do you know how i can fix it ?

You will either have to change the texture in an image editor or the model in a 3d modelling package

The issue is not to do with PlayCanvas but the model and textures. You could adjust it on the material by changing the UV scale if you want a quick fix? Or just get rid of the borders on the texture.

Eg https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1427137

I’ve removed the transparent borders on the texture so they no longer show up on the mesh

Hey sorry for the late response!

That’s perfect, how did u remove the transparent borders ? with photoshop i guess?

I used photopea (https://www.photopea.com/) but any image editor would work (Gimp, paint.net, photoshop etc)

Okey thanks ! i have changed my 3d model , and now i’m good!

Sorry to re-open the topic, but there is something I don’t understand, why when I upload my pngs, it transforms the transparent borders into a black border?
Because all the pngs that I use for my project have transparent borders, since I use a script to extract these pngs from pdf files, how can I make Playcanvas take these borders as transparent borders and not as black borders?
Because suddenly I have the same problem on my 6 models, with each png that I upload there are black borders on my models

And now when i’m trying to upload my png , she don’t upload correctly aha


when i’m trying to donwload my png , i got an error like this :

Maybe because she make 2mb ?