[SOLVED] Texture compression taking a long time


I’m trying to compress a bunch of textures and it’s taking a really long time. DXT solved in a few seconds but PVR and ETC are stuck. It’s been around an hour now and nothing got through.

I know it’s done cloud side but I have a Ryzen 3900X doing nothing. Is there a way to compress them client side and upload the result?

It’s not broken - the texture compression machines are under heavy load right now and are tearing through a queue of compression jobs. It should catch up soon and complete.

@slimbuck and I have had discussions about moving texture compression on to the front end actually. This might be implemented at some point, but obviously, that’s not useful to you right at this moment.

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Thanks the response Will! I’m patient so I’ll just let it run over the week-end.
And yes please for the client side compression. I’ll be happy to throw workers at my cores.

I would expect your jobs to complete in the next few hours. Sorry about this - it’s not usually under such heavy load. A lot of devs compressing today! :sweat:

I’ll see what I can do to progress the discussion about moving compression to the front-end. :smile:

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Not a problem. I’m not doing the compression a day before delivering the project so I can wait a few hours for sure. And it’s not blocking the rest of the project.

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It seems the compression servers are getting hammered again, always a day before delivery :sweat_smile: Is there any progress on that client side compression ?

Containerisation is on it’s way to help mitigate this. Hopefully will be done by 2021.

We can add you to the Basis texture compression beta which is a lot faster to compress on the backend and are smaller files to download for the user.

If you would like this, please DM your team members’ PlayCanvas usernames :slight_smile:

I looked at the back-end metrics and I think it was just you compressing textures at the time. Remember that compressing textures is a very expensive operation - particularly for ETC1 and ETC2. A single texture can take many minutes to compress. So if you compress many textures to all formats, it can take a few hours. As @yaustar says, using Basis will reduce compression time a lot (and you only need to compress to a single format for all platforms). And we are close to horizontally scaling these compression jobs to more servers. But yeah, this is the most expensive operation to perform on the platform so you have to be a bit patient. Some games companies set up overnight build processes to do this kind of processing.

Not a problem. I tried later in the afternoon and it went really fast.