[SOLVED] Text Not Showing in Editor?

Hey everyone,

I put a text element inside a 2D screen in Root, exactly how I always do, but I can’t see the text? Font is loaded and working, it is recognised by the text element, but the text element isn’t showing in the editor despite showing in launch.

EDITOR - PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @DevilZ,

It seems to be working fine. Maybe you are looking at it from behind?

Do you have whydoidoit’s PlayCanvas extension installed?

@Leonidas I tried looking from the front and back. Same result.

@yaustar what’s the extension called? I have a number of PC editor extensions.

Chances are that the Chrome extensions for PlayCanvas are causing rendering issues. There’s one by whydoidoit that causes the issue you are describing here.

Edit: See thread here [SOLVED] Problem with fonts on the editor

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Yes, deleting playcanvas editor plus solved the problem. Thanks a lot @yaustar. Any idea what’s causing this behaviour @whydoidoit?