[SOLVED] Text Markup list

So, I set the ‘markup’ for text.
I can see that [color=#xxxxx][/color] is working.
But what else works? were is the list?
b & /b" doesn’t work, also i & /i.


Hi @mlebel,

Right now only color is supported in text markup. There is a very elaborate markup parser and scanner in the engine so I imagine soon we will get more tags (@will).

Markup tags is only color? Not extended?

Yes, right now they support only color.

Markup from code works?

What wrong?
In play mode not works too
All text is one element

Probably the hex code needs to be in quotes

text = '[color="#ff0000"]text[/color]';

Worked fine. Need add to docs. With avaible tags and formats.

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Added currently supported tags: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/pull/2306


Hey, how is this today?
Is it possible to get bold and italic for instance in the same text field?

I’m afraid not, the supported tags are from here:


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Thanks, were able to use outline to fake bold text :slight_smile: