[SOLVED] TANX latest source

Hey guys, especially @max.

I’m Andrei, I’ve been developing apps/sites/scripts/games/whatever(nothing fancy) for years and now it’s finally the time I get into HTML5.

I saw the Tanx project a few days ago and I decided to mess around with it. I never liked Node.js but guess what. After seeing that great server code for Tanx and realizing that there is a great engine with a nice editor(PlayCanvas) for HTML5, I instantly got in love with HTML5 and Node.js

I’ve messed around with the editor, changed some colors, made the shield be the same colors as the team and added some new weapon types(shotgun, sniper, minigun) to see how hard it would be to work with those new tools. Guess what? It’s insanely easy and fast, it literally took me minutes. So, if anyone sees this post and is not yet sure if they should start using PlayCanvas/Node.js, do it!

Anyway, Max, I was wondering if we could get our hands on your latest update of Tanx, or is it no longer a public project? The client side movement prediction, dynamic level generating and the new tank designs are just amazing.

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TANX is indeed no longer a public project and hasn’t been for quite some time now. We don’t have any plans to open source the game.

However, PlayCanvas supremo @BenBean303 created an awesome introductory tutorial for using node.js with PlayCanvas. There are also several other games published on playcanvas.com that use node.js. For example, check out Multiplayer Connect 4 in VR (also by @BenBean303). Hey Ben, maybe consider making the server-side code public on GitHub and link the repo on the PlayCanvas project dev log?

If you have any questions about integrating node.js with PlayCanvas, of course, we’ll do our very best to help. :smile:

Well, the old TANX server source is much better than a tutorial, at least for people who can easily understand and adapt to new technologies. For me it was probably the best way I could get into node.js.

I’d have another question. Since PlayCanvas is free and open source, I guess I am allowed to use use the Editor’s source code? I was planning on making a desktop version of it for those who don’t like the cloud and well, for those who want to use their own editors and such. If not that, maybe some browser extension that gives us more possibilities, like exporting and importing projects.

So far PlayCanvas managed to make me give it a shot for my next projects so I guess I gotta buy a subscription tomorrow so I can host my projects privately.

Is there a way we could talk privately for a few minutes tomorrow? As far as I see, this forum system have no messaging feature.

The editor code is not open source, the runtime engine is. You can find all our open source projects here: https://github.com/playcanvas including the engine here: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine

You are free to build your own desktop editor using the engine.

To send messages in the forum, click on the user, and there is a message button in the pop-up.

I’ve added my Connect 4 server code to github, which you can look at here: https://github.com/benbean303/Connect-Four-Server All of the server’s code is in ‘main.js’.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about it. :slight_smile:

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Glad to know that TANX server code and client-side (which could be far better) made you going and you’ve enjoyed playing with it :slight_smile:
As @will said, it is not open source anymore, unfortunately won’t be able to share the code.

Looking at many awesome games in html5 today: agar.io, sleether.io, wilds.io, it is cool how much you can make and produce engaging games with ease of efforts.

So feel free to start working on your cool projects, and engage on forums if you need any of an assistance, or you just want to help out community or share some cool stuff.

Well Max, the client seems much better now, I like the UI system. I gotta create such system too for my current project(like TANX, based on it), but I gotta first make it something unique, different than TANX.

It’s really pleasing to work in PlayCanvas, most functions are so straight forward and easy to implement. Out of curiosity I tried adding an animated character and attach a pistol to it’s hand, it took like two minutes; I think I’m gonna post that project on the forums as I saw some people struggling with attaching to bones.

Also, I was wondering, is there any way we can get more space without buying the $60 Pro upgrade? I like creating tools, scripts and stuff for the community, but that would eat up most of my space(planning to get the first pro upgrade, as it’s space and number of private projects meets my needs).

Looking forward to see what you will come up with! :slight_smile:

We work hard to iterate many times on features and API design, to get it as straight forward as we can. There is still loads can be improved, and community feedback - is a good source of info. So if you find something “weird” or “confusing” and believe many people will find it that way as well - feel free to let us know.

Yeah, that will be useful! :slight_smile:

Currently limits are quiet low, indeed. Pro makes good difference with free already. Generally, in the web you want to keep things small for multiple reasons, most important: people can experience your content without a need to download MBs of data, especially if they are on bad internet or mobile. So keeping things small for community - is must must.

@will It’s not open source anymore but there are old forks available in GitHub, So can I use old sources even though the original game is not open source anymore?

@omidh You can use the old forks to inspire your new game creations - you can learn from the source - but you can’t release your own clone of TANX. It’s copyright of PlayCanvas and one of the only games we actively develop commercially. However, if you created a game based on the source with completely different graphics and name (and ideally different gameplay) that’d be OK.

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Hello PlayCanvas Tax developers!
Thanks for such a great game, I have many happy hours on this as RunandShoot. I am sorry to see its down at every website I could find.

Again, thanks for Tanx, a great game. I wish you all the best,


tanx.io is still up? http://tanx.io/

Maybe just down for US players? @dave can probably confirm.

@will, @dave,

yes, tanx.io is down in the US.


you also have to pay to run your own server

TANX will be back. I can’t give an ETA. But it’s coming… :smile:

We have no plans to open source it.


Sky is up, ground is down.