[SOLVED] Switch from legacy scripting to new scripting in existing project


I have a rather large project which was created using the legacy scripting system. I would like to convert the project to the new scripting system, however, I can’t find any option for doing this. I tried setting the pc.script.legacy option to true in code, but this causes runtime issues.

Is it possible to change from legacy scripting to the new scripting system in an existing project?

There really isn’t a workable process to auto-upgrade old project to use the new scripting system. One way to do it which works would be to:

  • Create a new project (with the new scripting system)
  • Download/upload all assets from the old project.
  • Download the code from the dashboard in a zip and drag/drop them all into the Assets panel of the new project.
  • Edit the scripts to use the new script structure.
  • Recreate the hierarchy using side by side inspection, including the settings on any script attributes.

It sounds very time consuming but I’ve managed to upgrade several of our large projects in the space of perhaps 4 or 5 hours.

Even if I were to lose my scripts - is there a way you can just get the assets and the screen hierarchy? It would take more than a few hours to copy all of the scenes we’ve created.

Read this thread for another approach.

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Soy nuevo en playcanvas me gustaria crear un proyecto simple de conduccion de carro en VR. entonces hay un carro que puede moverse utilizando el teclado pero no puedo agregarle una entidad camara hijo que use deviceorientation. Talvez esto sea algo muy facil de hacer pero soy nuevo en playcanvas y no lo he logrado.
Por su ayuda… muchas gracias :slight_smile:


We do not speak spanish but fortunately there is Google Translate - so it seems your question is not related to this forum post. You should open up a new thread and ask your question there - if you could also write in English that’d be great!