[SOLVED] SVG-rendering makes PC-launch crash totally in Chrome

Something weird is going on:

  1. Chrome has just had an update yesterday.
  2. SVG-rendering makes my project crash, when developing/launching in Chrome (and when trying to include this normally non-issue line:

<img rel="icon" type="data:image/svg+xml" src="https://www. ...(mywebsite disclosed) /img/SwipeOg10erKnap_mh_IS4xml.svg" decoding="async" style="width:100%;height:100%;" data-file-width="16" data-file-height="16">

3) Opening the project in Edge, for then to make a build SVG_rederingIssueChrome - PLAYCANVAS, there is no SVG-renderproblem either place (renders on both Edge and Chrome?)

Ok, so I thought I could continue working in Edge instead, but the same issue arises, when trying to launch from there.
I guess we cannot report the issue to the ‘https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/list’, as SVG does render at their browser.

Do you have a project that repro’s this issue that you can share the source to?

I’ve just opened the project https://playcanv.as/b/V5yMxFp3/ in my Chrome browser on Mac and it works fine.

Works fine on Edge and Chrome windows here:

yes, it does … have dug even deeper, and I am currently asking my web hotel provider, if they have issues (the SVG-link lays upon them, where the SVG only renders sporadically :-/ )

I am just wondering though … should the PC-IDE not continue regardless of the SVG-render?
(should show them as the classic ‘image not found’ icon … odd)

On the other hand: the address does exist on server, so I guess the crash occurs by some sort of time-out

I finally found the issue, and rests within Inkscape, that I use for SVG-design.
Apparently Inkscape does not like if you copy image parts from one open window to another, for then to save.
Without going further into it (now when things work PC-IDE), the XML-data of the .SVG-file seem to corrupt (can become corrupt) when saving image data as above (copying image parts from one open window to another).

Solved myself - Will post as [SOLVED], but still valuable experience in regards to .SVG-handling in general.