[SOLVED] Sudden jumps on mouse move in Chrome

For some reason mousemove sometimes gives events with wildly wrong dx and dy resulting in sudden jumps of the camera. This happens in Chrome (I’m using version 88) but I haven’t noticed it in Firefox.

The problem is present even in First Person Movement Tutorial. I’ve recorded it:

I know how to mitigate it but I’m wondering if anyone knows why this happens and if it’s even a playcanvas thing.

I’ve not seen that before :thinking: I wonder if Chrome is doing something odd with dx/dy in the mouse event?

Hmm strange, I wasn’t able to reproduce on Chrome/Windows launching the sample project.

hmm, I forgot to mention that in order to easily see it in the example project I had to reduce the mouse sensitivity. I did it by opening the example in debug mode and changing the sensitivity via

pc.app.root.findByName('Player').script.firstPersonMovement.lookSpeed = 0.03

I think I am out of luck, used your console statement to reduce the speed to 0.03 but still it’s not happening here.

Can you try this one?:

I can’t repro it either with the lower sensitivity.

As a silly suggestion, does this happen with another mouse or trackpad?

@yaustar your suggestion wasn’t silly after all. When using a different mouse the behavior isn’t present.
It is weird that this only comes up on Chrome but I guess this isn’t too important knowing that other people with different mice don’t experience it.
Thank you guys for helping me out


Did your original mouse come with any software/drivers that may change sensitivity or something along those lines?

Yeah, I installed the latest drivers today but that didn’t change anything. I already ordered a new mouse so hopefully I’ll be fine :slight_smile: