[SOLVED] "Sucking In" Particles

Is it possible to set a Playcanvas particle system to draw the particles into a central point?

I’m looking to create an effect like this O2Measurement Reference GIF by janderius | Gfycat .

I don’t see any way to get the particles to animate in reverse or converge on a particular coordinate.

If anyone’s been able to achieve the kind of effect I’m describing, I’d love to see whatever script or settings were able to accomplish it.

I think your best bet here is to use an animated texture. Or find some clever way to use a mesh where the UVs are set in a way that you could just scroll the texture on the material.

Since you posted your question, radial velocity has been added to the particle system component:

So to summarize:

  • Set emitter shape to ‘Sphere’.
  • Set inner and outer radius (1 in the video)
  • Set Velocity graphs to zero (in the video, I right click velocity graph control points to delete them).
  • Set Radial Velocity graph to whatever you want.