[SOLVED] Store Items and questions

Are they free and why wont some load

Yep, currently all store items are free.

As to why they won’t load, what do you mean? We’ve been having some intermittent page loading problems this morning, so that might be the cause. Or do you mean they won’t load into your game?

Everything except the play bot and villager are not visible

Also why is there so little in the store?

What do you mean when you say “not visible”? Could you post a screenshot? Thanks.

What else would you like to see?

skins for objects /more character/ city style buildings maybe

Is the plan to eventually let users submit items to the store?

Absolutely. There isn’t a mechanism for third parties to submit items yet, but if you are interested in featuring content before these systems are in place, let us know. We can add items by hand at this point.

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@will if i’ve made a paid navigation plugin, if i understand it correctly, there is no way to manually put it in asset store - i should handle payments on my side but what about actually putting it in asset store? i assume that asset store features only free assets at the moment, right?

Yes, that’s correct, it only supports free assets supplied by the PlayCanvas team at this time. I hope we are in a position to expand the store sometime next year.

In the meantime, checkout Pirron1’s PlayCanvas plugins which are offered externally.

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