[SOLVED] Storage limit almost full

Good afternoon guys,

I have an organization account with 10gb with storage limit. My projects (most of them is only for tests) occupy almost all space (9.8gb) and the bigger one has only 20mb.
How can i free some space to work?

Some tips:

  • Avoid uploading huge TGAs. Instead, work with JPG or PNG for your texture images. Be mindful of the resolution of the textures you upload too. For example, avoid uploading 4K textures if 1K will do.
  • Upload binary FBX files. ASCII based FBX (or even OBJ or COLLADA) are literally an order of magnitude larger.
  • Delete old builds you don’t need any more.
  • Consider deleting test projects you don’t need any more. If you want to keep them, you can archive them first (saves the project to your local disk in a ZIP file) and can be reimported again at a later date if necessary. This is an Organization-only feature.
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Thanks for the tips, i exported the projects and solved the problem

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