[SOLVED] Sound start time

It’s likely that I’m misunderstanding the documentation, but I’m trying to take a 5 second sound and start it 20 seconds after the application kicks off, then loop it every minute. However, with the start time set and autoplay on, it starts immediately, but with autoplay off, it doesn’t play at all. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug, but it’s not totally clear from the documentation what’s supposed to happen.

Is it possible to achieve the above without scripting?

Browsers don’t play sounds reliably until there is some user interaction. Maybe that’s the issue?

Yeah, although that would still hold up if it was under autoplay right?

I find that it’s not reliable. I would generally ask the player to touch something like a button if there’s audio in the app.

but just for my sanity; outside of browser permissions, this should theretically work right?


Ah, that explains a few things. No, that shouldn’t work.

Duration is how long the audio will play from the start time. This allows you to play a subset of the audio. Eg a Start Time of 0.5 and Duration of 1 would mean that it will play from 0.5 seconds into the audio to 1.5 sec (1.5 - 0.5 = Duration).

There’s appears to be no property for delaying a sound effect from playing.

As soon as I posted this I realised I was misunderstanding it. I thought start time was the number of seconds after the global playhead started, but it’s how long into the clip. This actually makes sense now!

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