[SOLVED] (sort of) PlayCanvas on Chromebook not Working!

I have WebGL enabled but it’s still not working.

First, go to webglreport.com and/or https://get.webgl.org/ to see if the Chromebook is actually supporting WebGL.

Well, the thing is that it’s on from school. I want to use PlayCanvas on it, but it won’t work. It will help me move around the class & still be able to work on my projects.

What do you mean by ‘not work’? Is the site accessible? Does the editor load up? What errors do you get in the console?

PlayCanvas Editor keeps showing a disconnected error & keeps trying to access the editor. The site works fine & so does the forum. I’d like to use PlayCanvas for school projects too, so being able to use on a Chromebook would help, but the editor only loads on a few of them.

Sounds like a school firewall problem. They might be blocking access to some of the servers that PlayCanvas uses.

Can you take the Chromebooks home?


Well, no. I use the chromebooks sometimes. Some work, some don’t. But thanks anyways!

The reason I ask is so that you can try the Chromebooks outside the school network to see if that was the issue

Yeah, I guessed.