[SOLVED] Some PlayCanvas related server questions

Hello, I have some server-related questions to PlayCanvas:

  • Does the PlayCanvas Hosting (e.g https://playcanv.as/p/PROJECT_ID/) allow server-side access?

  • Are there any available free servers for commercial usage that support server-side access (Not just static usage)

  • Are exported PlayCanvas builds allowed to use custom, uploaded fonts that are on the same server, and not just online web safe fonts (I assume you can with JS, just double-checking)

What do you mean by server side access?

Once a build is exported, you can do whatever you like as its just a normal webpage.

Yes, and I do indeed understand that fact.
I’m talking about dynamic server-side operations such as:

  • PHP operations
  • Creating and updating a local server file for storing saved data
  • Hosting server-side code such as the Node.js module

Does PlayCanvas Hosting only support upload/static usage, or also local, server-side operations + direct remote access such as you would do with a VPS. If not, is there any free alternatives out there perhaps.

PlayCanvas hosting is just static page of the build.

If you need PHP or Node.js support, yes you will need to host elsewhere like 000webhost or Netlify or Heroku or Glitch

I’ve personally used Netlify and Heroku for my person sites but not 000webhost

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Unfortunate that the PlayCanvas Hosting is static… Does the paid subscription still only permit static hosting? (Besides paying for a unaffiliated VPS)

Yes. It’s mostly there for sharing builds to clients/testing and rarely for production builds.

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