[SOLVED] Some assets at the scene are floating

Some assets of my scene are ‘‘floating’’ . In maya all looks fine , into the ground , but when i imported the scene to PlayCanvas some of my assets its like they have been moved above the ground . Any ideas?

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Hi @AST777 and welcome,

Is it possible to provide the model in question or even better a sample PlayCanvas project with the model imported to take a look at?

Here you go : PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

I don’t think this is a PlayCanvas issue, importing the FBX on Blender and I can see the same thing on that spot:

Maybe try reimporting the FBX in Maya and double check it’s the same with your initial scene. It may be the case on the exporter there is something breaking this?

i found it. there was a setting that had to be done at the fbx exporter at maya .It had to do with some smoothing groups on the ground. After that , when i re-imported it to PlayCanvas it was fine. Thanks

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