[SOLVED] Solidworks Model Import


Any recommendations on how to import models created in Solidworks into PlayCanvas? It doesn’t have to be a direct import, of course, if it takes a few steps that would be fine.

I need to run dimensionally accurate simulations. In other words, I need to set a scale for the various imported elements that relates to their actual real-world dimensions, mass, etc. Is this possible with PlayCanvas.

Put a different way: If I model a pendulum in Solidworks using real dimensions and mass properties. Can I import the geometry and animate in PlayCanvas with physics such that it will be a very good representation of how that pendulum is going to move in the real world?


The recommended import file format for PlayCanvas is FBX. It also supports OBJ, DAE (COLLADA), 3DS and DXF. But FBX is nice because it stores real-world dimensions. OBJ, for example, contains no explicit description or mapping of real world scale.

I would recommend you find an export path from Solidworks to FBX. You could try this:


Solidworks can export to STL. So perhaps you could also try Solidworks -> STL -> FBX. This tool seems to do that:



Thank you. I’ll test these tools. They seem to do exactly what I need done.