[SOLVED] Snap Minis build fails

Hello, I’m a Japanese developer.
I’m currently developing a game for Snap Minis with PlayCanvas.
When a developer wants to play a game in development on SnapChat, they need to be logged into PlayCanvas. How can I play without logging into PlayCanvas?

Currently, if you log in to PlayCanvas with SnapChat, you can play the game normally, but we want to make it possible for users without a PlayCanvas account to play the game as well.

I read the Snap document below and thought I needed to add CSP rules, so I added CSP rules with “playcanvas-rest-api-tools”, but it didn’t work

I’m not familiar with how to use Node.js or the structure of HTML, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Is there anything else that needs to be done?
Thank you.

Just to check here, you’ve been testing the game with a Dev Build using the URL of the launch tab and logging in via Step 3 on this page? https://docs.snap.com/minis/playcanvas/quick-start#real-time-testing-with-playcanvas

Are you talking about players or your testers here?

If players, you need to make a Production build on Snapkit portal and upload a ZIP using the correct CSP rules as listed here: https://docs.snap.com/minis/playcanvas/quick-start#create-a-production-release

If testers, you can publish a PlayCanvas build to be hosted on playcanv.as via the steps here: PlayCanvas Hosting | Learn PlayCanvas

And use the iframeless URL for a dev build (see this answer on how to get the that URL: Playcanvas iframe inside an iframe, why? - #2 by yaustar)

What do you see when it doesn’t work? If its a dev build and you are running on Android, you can use Chrome to remote connect to the mobile device when the Mini is running and access console logs to look for errors.

See more information here and other ways to get the console logs: Debugging | Learn PlayCanvas

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Please note that I’m away next week so won’t be able to help during that time :sweat_smile:

I will try to find coverage on the Snap Minis team in the meantime

thank you! !
After reading the answer below, you can now play on Snap without logging into PlayCanvas!

However, the build required for production builds has not yet been resolved.
I can’t play even if I upload a ZIP with CSP rules added.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, do you have any tips on how to fix it?

In which case, upload a ZIP as a dev build on Android and use Chrome to remote connect to the webview and get the console log to see if there are any errors.

Also, what do you mean by ‘not work’?

Do you mean getting the console log in Chrome after registering the ZIP as a development build with Snap?
I’m sorry, but I’m new to web development, so I still don’t understand how to check the console log in Chrome.

When I started my own Mini by running “npm run csp”, the screen did not change, but when I reviewed my operation, it seems that I was using it incorrectly. After executing “npm run csp” in the correct usage, you can now start your own Mini with Snap.

However, a new problem arose. My Bitmoji model doesn’t load and it stays in the initial material all the time.
I’ll look into this issue as well, do you have any idea?

Oops sorry, I was doing it wrong.
When I reviewed the operation again, I found that the config.json was written incorrectly.

Thank you for your cooperation.
And you helped me when I asked Snap about Bitmoji face animation.
I am very grateful to you.

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