[SOLVED] Snap Games Multiplayer

I’ve seen the demo reel for Snap Games made on PlayCanvas and I’ve noticed that the multiplayer is very responsive and interactive. Is there any snapchat-specific way to implement multiplayer in SnapGames? Some tips and tricks about how multiplayer was implemented in these games from the developers would be very helpful

Snap Games are implemented on the Nakama server from Heroic Labs. They have a great product with plenty of documentation on creating multiplayer games available at:


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Hey Will,

Do you know of any documentation or tutorials using PlayCanvas + Nakama in the same project? I’m attempting to bring code from the Nakama docs into my PlayCanvas project, but finding it difficult to get set up. For example, simple code for authenticating and connecting a socket requires async/await calls, and I’m not sure if I can add those in the initialize() function in a PC script.