[SOLVED] Smoothing out a tween?

This has probably been asked ten times already, is there any news or ideas in this area?
Sometimes it’s not there at all, and sometimes…

That “lag” is very damaging to the mental state :smile:

What is being tweened in the video? It looks like the player physics is moving and the camera is fixed on the player.

The platform is tweened, the player is teleported to the dummy position (child of the platform), lag is usually seen only when ms is more than 16

The issue isn’t the tween, it’s the physics of the player. When the judder happens, you can see it’s the whole world that is ‘moving’ (look at other platforms).

As the camera is locked on the player, when the player judders, it looks like the player is fixed in place and the platform/world is moving.

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But why it is only visible when ms increases? And sometimes it is not there at all, I thought rigidbody.teleport ignores all existing forces/physics or am I wrong? What are the solutotions? Manually setting velocity to 0? :thinking:

There are a number of older topics on the subject of moving / physics enabled platforms and how to approach that. Maybe do a search around the forums for possible workarounds.

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Indeed, setting rigidbody type to kinematic (player) smooths things out, even with a super low fps (when the tween is jerking) player/camera still stays smooth, now I’ll have to figure/remake other things out, thanks!

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