[SOLVED] Skymap only appears to be black

Hi, I’m encountering an error with the cube map, I followed the instruction where I should use power of 2 in dimension in my maps, but still the problem persists.

Here’s the link to the editor:https://playcanvas.com/project/1033430/overview/skypark_a

@Renz_Russell_Acomula Hi and Welcome. I am trying to get to your link however the project does not seem to be valid. Did you remove it by any chance or is it still active? Also, can you go to your settings and make sure it is not set to private. We can only view public projects. To un check private go to your project settings and then save.



here’s the updated link

thanks btw

@Renz_Russell_Acomula You will have to add your Cubemap to your settings>render settings.

Here is a link to a tutorial.

its already added

tho it can be seen on the reflections on the water, on the background itself it doesnt show

@Renz_Russell_Acomula Here are my normal settings.


Is it the intensity maybe or have you not prefiltered it?

OH SHOOT, this is embarrassing hahaha Im so silly I forgot to turn up the intensity HAHA

Thank you so much Tirk

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