[SOLVED] Skybox Rotation fails in 1.58

Skybox rotation is not applied when I run my app. This happens only with version 1.58

we had some changes by @slimbuck :

but the rotation seems to work here (just use the mouse)

if you can create a simple repro, and create an issue here Issues · playcanvas/engine · GitHub, will investigate.

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The problem is very simple to reproduce, any rotation applied to the skybos is not reproduced in the editor viewport nor at runtime

Not Rotation

I have created a new project, I apply a rotation of 180 in Y axis, and nothing happens

any thoughts on this @slimbuck ?

I’ll investigate asap!

Fixed in Fix skybox rotation by slimbuck · Pull Request #4857 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub. Engine patch with this fix should be released within the next few days.

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In the meantime, please use engine 1.57.1 or set the rotation in code as a short term measure:

    this.app.scene.skyboxRotation = new pc.Quat().setFromEulerAngles(0, 0, 0);

OK, tnks

The patch engine has now been released in the Editor (1.58.1)