[SOLVED] Shorten log source in console


So when I log, I have this huge source of log string (Something.js?id=230459230459-asldkgih:string)

I understand why it is name so, but since I usually work on a laptop and prefer to keep debug build as compact as possible, it’s a little annoying that so much space occupied with the info I don’t care about.

Is it possible to shorten log sources in any way?


Seems like a minor issue, since noone interested.

I will try my luck and bump this once.

I have just googled this on my phone but it looks like this might help? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9092125/how-to-debug-dynamically-loaded-javascript-with-jquery-in-the-browsers-debugg

Now I feel embarrassed. I googled it through, but never found anything… Thanks!