[SOLVED] Shadow makes model look transparent

I’m updating some older projects and in a few of them it looks like the shadow makes the model transparent and you can see the skybox behind it. They were working just fine in the past and did not have this issue. I have several projects created from the same template and some have this issue while others don’t. I did not change any settings regarding lights, materials, or the skybox itself. Here’s a link to one of them: https://playcanvas.com/project/664403/overview/vilna--university

And this is a screenshot of what’s happening (the walls were supposed to be darkened only):

Thanks for any help in figuring this out!

Hi @k2023 and welcome,

Your project sadly is private and not accessible publicly to take a look.

Its not the skybox behind, but probably the reflection of it. Check your specular options on the building material.

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I checked already, nothing changed in the material settings. This has just shown up in the model out of nowhere, it was built without material reflections and was working fine.

Thanks Leonidas - just made a public copy here: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Change your reflectivity to 0 on University material:

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That made the trick - thank you!