[SOLVED] Server upload help

Hi everyone, just wanna ask if anyone experienced the issue we have now, the projects got messed up when hosted to another server, but works fine in Playcanvas debug

Link to server build: uni33

Not sure what that link was at the end of the post.

Can you explain what issues you are getting and also a copy of any errors you getting in the dev console?

A link to the build would be awesome too

we don’t have any errors in the dev console. its just very different from debug, will share some images also. thanks again sir Yaustar

server version. none of the controls are working. it freezes when “W” is pressed also, it should move forward instead

here’s the debug link: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Ah the link is to the server build, sorry, the link looked suspect from the URL so I removed it. Re-added it back now

When I load that link and press W, it all moves forward for me.

There’s a whole bunch of errors in the console on the server

Looks like these files are missing in the assets folder

The asset registry data (config.json) includes assets that you don’t have in your Editor project

This asset id does not exist in your Editor Project

Are you sure you completely uploading and overwriting files when you are uploading the build to the server?

yes sir, I’m just downloading the build from our editor and upload directly

Looking at your server build and your editor project, they don’t match

For example,

This is preloaded but I can’t find it in game-scripts.js on the server build

right sir, I haven’t deleted anything or changed anything before uploading it to our server.

I’ve downloaded a build from your project and compared it to the build on the server and the game-scripts.js do not match

Whatever you are uploading/on the server is not when the downloaded build from the Editor is giving you from the master branch

If you send me a DM, we can quickly jump on a call but all I can see right now is that the build on the server doesn’t match what you have in the Editor

sure, thanks

The first lot of lines don’t match between the downloaded build and your server so there is definitely an issue with the deployment method you are using here or could it be a CDN issue?

I’m investigating this in DMs. There’s a few issues to work through

Found the issues:

The original link in the first post was an outdated build so we tried again on a fresh upload and folder.

This still had some issues where scripts were reported missing in devtools and the game wouldn’t render or run correctly.

It wouldn’t run correctly because one of the scripts was using global variables that were declared and set in the files that were reported missing.

The issue turned out to be an Editor issue where the scripts were marked as preload in the inspector but the asset registry didn’t reflect it. So it was trying to load the script as though it was a separate asset and it didn’t exist in the assets folder on publish.

To fix this, I unticked and reticked the preload setting for those scripts and re-downloaded the build.

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