[SOLVED] Select many assets at once

I’m trying to test the performance difference I get by turning off preloading for my assets. The project has gotten quite large at this point with many different folders and subfolders that make it easier for our artist to manipulate the assets. However, this makes it difficult for me to select all the assets I want, so I can turn preloading on or off (in the editor). Is there a way to mass select assets, even in subfolders? I come from a background with unity, so for instance in their editor you can search for all texture assets in the project, then CTRL A to select all of them to manipulate them. I know CTRL A works in playcanvas as well, but it seems like it only affects the folder I’m in and not subfolders, and the same for narrowing the search.

Any tips on how to do what I’m trying to do? I can spend the time to just go through and do it by hand but I wanted to check first if there’s an easier way.

Hi @Ezra_Szanton,

The search method in the assets panel is quite powerful, you can even run regular expressions as search queries.

For example here I am targeting all JPG assets, the result includes assets even in subfolders. You can easily select all of them by clicking the first and last one while holding the shift key or ctrl + a as you say.

Edit: I think with *.* you can get as a result a list of all the project assets.

Edit2: Search runs always at the currently selected folder context, so to target all of your project assets make sure to have selected the root folder in the assets panel.


That’s exactly what I needed, thank you!

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