[SOLVED] Seems some textures are missing in the parking model

We try to convert sketchup model of parking

to this fbx Dropbox - mall parking.fbx - Simplify your life

but it seems some textures are missing in the parking model
so what we can do?

here is link to the scene also PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

To add on to what @grzesiekmq said, these are the screenshots of the sketchup model and the one in PC.

Sketchup ^

PlayCanvas ^.

We are using the default sketchup FBX exporter for this, which worked fine for other models.

It looks like the meshes are causing issues too. Have you tried looking at the FBX in Unity/another viewer?

The white and brown may be material properties that we don’t import in the FBX pipeline?

@yaustar we tried this viewer just now - https://www.creators3d.com/online-viewer.

Quite a few of the textures missing in PC show up here. There is an option in this viewer to download the model as .glb. Do direct glb uploads in PlayCanvas work? Then we could give that a shot to see if it’s the format.

I’ve checked this in Unity and it looks like there is no floor texture here either:

JSON PlayCanvas for me

GLB PlayCanvas for me

To me they all look the same?

That’s odd, the model is showing perfectly for you. @grzesiekmq just dragged and dropped as usual, not sure why they didn’t show? @yaustar could I add you to the project to have a look?

Actually there is - the floor texture is a darker grey than the one in my playcanvas screenshot :smiley:

looks like there is one solution: to first delete the previous model then reupload
instead of just uploading with the same name I think

It could be dependent on the your existing materials too? Maybe some existed already and they don’t get overwritten?


That’s quite likely, we’ll keep that in mind, thanks. @grzesiekmq please mark the topic as solved.