[SOLVED] Search by ID in editor (plus objectnames in errors)

It could be nice if one could search by ID (once again … cf ☑ Editor search asset by ID at some point it has worked, apparently)

Furthermore, the ID of the attached script, should (could?) also be outputtet by name

  • the image tells me that I have an error at the object-ID: 44889649 - instead of backtracking the name could ease a lot for many of us :slight_smile:

I believe the id in this message is the JS script and therefore you can click on the orange text to go directly to the script and line where the error happened.

ok, but I use the same scripts on multiple objects

nevermind - I forgot this:

try{ ... } catch(err){console.log("fail at name: "+this.entity.name); }

The error log at the moment is the same as what the browser logs and that doesn’t have context of the application. It can only show the exception and not contain information about the context.

What I tend to do is once the error is reproducible is to set the debugger in the Dev tools to break when an exception occurs. That allows me to investigate the issue including finding out what entity it is attached to as the code as stopped where the exception is triggered.

yes - exactly - forgot to do so :-/

… kind of a ‘just in case’-case - then it would make a little easier