[SOLVED] Screenspace duplicate image issue

the above link, set the browser to portrait mode, click OK.

The issue is when its in portrait & sometimes in landscape, the “pins” seem to have an extra larger overlay…does anyone know the cause of the issue?

If I make the browser width narrow and then slowly increase the width you can see extra identical pins move in from the edges until they overlay exactly on the original pins, giving them the BOLD look.

oops i may have phrased it wrongly. I need to get rid of it, any idea?

I can’t really comment on your project or code. I just noticed the cause of the “bold” effect.

hmm, i dont really have a code affecting it, its just an image element in the scene.

It looks like you have 2 images of the pin in the scene. If you only have 1 that is strange.

yea i only have 1.

Can you describe more what the issue is? Are you referring to the white-ish outline on the pin?

No, it’s show as in the screenshot above by Kulodo133, it seems to have an extra image appearing when my window is in portrait mode…

It’s because you have two cameras enabled. Both are rendering all the layers. Disable one of the cameras, and the ‘duplicates’ are removed.

oh! that makes alot of sense! my goodness… thank you.