[SOLVED] Scale game to portrait and landscape


I am trying to scale my game to fit a mobile phone as shown in the picture below. How would I do this?

You would need to change the settings as shown here. https://developer.playcanvas.com/ru/user-manual/dashboard/settings/

The closest you will get is to keep aspect ratio in fill mode

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Hey @yaustar,

Thanks so much for this! This perfectly fixed my issue!

The only problem with keep aspect ratio is that it doesn’t fit all mobiles in landscape as there is a variety of landscape ratios beyond the standard 16:9

Another developer added an event listener for screen size changes and checks if the user has turned their phone to portrait. If so, they pause the game and show a full screen dialog to the user to rotate back to landscape.

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I tried this before. However, my client did not want it to be this way, preferring the game to be how it is now.