[SOLVED] Running my app locally on computer

Hi! Currently When I Export An App I Make A Playcanvas Build Then Build An Electron App To Render The Link Is There A Way I Can Bypass The Playcanvas Link And Just Run It Locally Allowing For Offline Play?

Hello @WilliamBoersma31 :wave:,

From PlayCanvas you can export build. That exported build you can run on your system and there are few different ways to do this…

Choose any of following way:

  1. Using Visual Studio code - live server plugin.
  2. Create Local PHP server using XAMPP (If windows) and you can run it.
  3. HTTP file server rejetto (Untested it should work)

I recommend you to choose 1st one its Hassle-Free

Hope it Helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The easiest way to have a standalone offline app that you can share is to use Electron to wrapper your HTML5 game/app as a native executable.

Hey @yaustar thanks for the reply but can you include a link on how to do that?

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@yaustar I got electron already as stated in my original post i just don’t now how to wrapper my game

I’m afraid you will have to refer to the Electron documentation and community for this

Do you at least know how to turn the zip you get from playcanvas.com into something electron can load?

As far as I know, you get the zip used for self hosting Self-hosting | Learn PlayCanvas

And unzip in your project for Electron.

That Made It Very Simple Thanks I Just Had To Extract The Zip File Into The SRC File A Remove The Old Index.html

As an addition to @yaustar’s replies, I would suggest Nativefier as one of the easiest ways to wrap your web app or game with electron.

Ok I’m currently using forge and it works just fine for me

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