[SOLVED] Rigidbody disappearing


I currently have a problem with my project. I am moving a character (player) with dynamic rigidbody and trying to make it collides with an other character (slime) that does not move, so with a static rigidbody. When I launch my application, first the player is blocked by the slime, but after a few seconds, it looks like the rigidbody of the slime disappeared. My character is now able to go through the slime. This is the link to my project PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Thank for your help

Hi @Ougogogadget! You need to move an entity with a dynamic rigidbody by applying a force on the rigidbody itself. Otherwise the rigidbody doesn’t move with the entity. Please check the page below.


I believe that’s what I am doing, I am working on the brand dev/rigid_body right now

Ok I found out that my rigidbody was falling because there were no ground, however I didn’t need ground because I am developing a 2d topview game. Is there a solution to avoid my rigidbody falling? I know putting a rigidbody to my background image works but actually I would like my rigidbody to do not be under gravity force.


Alright, I think you can set the linear factor on the specific axis to zero.


It’s working, thank you for your help!

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