[SOLVED] Resetting camera position

From my experience, using orbitCamera.js and touch/mouse input system… it moves the camera, pan, zoom etc.

I have tried doing camera.setPosition(fixedX, fixedY, fixedZ); but it won’t work.

Im making a button press to reset the camera to when i first run the build, but im not sure how i should do it, any help?

In the Model Viewer Starter Kit project: https://playcanvas.com/project/446385/overview/starter-kit-model-viewer

The keyboard input shows an example of resetting the camera: https://playcanvas.com/editor/code/446385?tabs=6079519&line=21

There’s also a couple of other reset functions too in orbit camera: https://playcanvas.com/editor/code/446385?tabs=6079416

that worked! thank you!