[SOLVED] Replacing models and keep materials

Hello, I want to replace an fbx model with the same fbx model that has a slight change on it, but the problem is when I replace it all the materials setup that I created go’s back to default… even though the models are the same except for some mesh edits, is there a way to get past that?

Also, I was wondering is there a way to store my main scripts a different project and reference them into other projects so that every time I edit a script it will update across all my projects?

Thank you!

Hi @YaronS,

Yes, you can enable an option in your project settings: Preserve material mappings.

For your scripts question sadly this won’t work, you can’t link any kind of asset between projects.

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Great! thank you, is there a way to do this with branching, like create a project with in a project? and marge the scripts or something?

Yes, that can work, take a look at the version control manual section on how it works:


ok so I tried that, but when I try to marge it’s not recognizing any script changes I make only changes to entitys, do you have any other suggestions?
thank you for you help!

never mind, I forgot to add a check point that why it didn’t work, but it works now :slight_smile:

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