[SOLVED] Reducing Size Of My Game

Hello Everyone,

Our game is complete and is ready for publishing(to be shared in a showcase post soon). However, we find that the game is quite large in size, and takes very long to load. Is there a way to reduce the size without having to change the models we are using?

Using the Network Manager in Chrome developer tools (disable cache) you can see what files and how large they are to download.

Once you have that, you can start working down the list. Can the textures be smaller in dimensions? 512 -> 256 is a larger reduction. Do you need to load it all at the beginning?

Would batching help? And would disabling preload actually lower the size of the game file, or just reduce the load time?

I use Firefox. Is there any way to do the same?

How do I reduce the texture size? My modellers aren’t free right now, and I need to publish this game soon.

No, that’s a performance related.

No, it reduces the size of the initial download for the user. This has to be done with care as you would have to tell the app to download the assets before they are used to avoid ‘pop in’ of models and textures.

Most likely although not familar with Firefox.

Download the texture, resize in an image tool, re upload to replace the existing asset.

Thanks so much for your advice. Marking SOLVED.