[SOLVED] Recreating Substance Painter visuals in PlayCanvas

Hi~!, I’m Newbie for Playcanvas. Since I want to work with SP and Playcanvas, I test my project so many time

and search many post about this subject.

But I can’t resolve my problem.

this is my SP 3D/2D view.


this is my Playcanvas project.

As you can see, In my project show dark metal instead Gold metal

I think it’s mostly occur when I use metallic material.
other material looks similar.

my reference post is


Any Advice? I’m wait your sagacious Advice~!


It doesn’t look like you have an HDR cubemap set up in your PlayCanvas scene? If you are trying to create realistic PBR materials that is requirement.

I recommend you read these docs on how to set up PBR in PlayCanvas. https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/graphics/physical-rendering/

P.S. When posting please consider whether your problem really is urgent and requires a title that says so? I’ve removed the word Urgent from the title.

Dave nailed it.
The lack of an HDRI is whats causing the problem, the Substance 3D window has a HDR enviroment too, so your object won’t look the same as the Substance 3D window unless you are using the same one or at least using a cubemap in Play Canvas.