[SOLVED] Ready player me LODs

Hello!. Is it possible to use different LODs with ready player me avatars?. I’ve seen that they support LODs in their documentation but I couldn’t find how to use LODs by code. Maybe LODs are supported only in Unreal and Unity?


Have you found this project before:


As you can see, that project grabs a GLB from a URL - but it doesn’t leverage LOD. I assuming you can grab different LODs, maybe via a query param or something. So perhaps stream the lowest LOD at first and then the next highest and so on.

And as you render, just store the LODs in an array and enable/disable them based on distance from the camera. A single script can manage this quite easily.

Yeah I’ve seen that project but I couldn’t find a param to change the LOD


Here are the optimizations options you can use while querying the 3D model from RPM.

You can add these params as query parameters, e.g add this at the end of the URL

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That’s great!! Thanks a lot Saad!