[SOLVED] PVR texture conversion taking forever on larger files

PVR texture conversion is taking forever on larger files, often on ones that are 2k or 4K.
Is there any gotchas for that? Some just keep going all day.
PNG’s seem to have issues mainly, but Jepgs at 4K do as well.

PVR compression does take a long time, and 2K textures are pretty large. Check out this texture for example:

Here are compression time results:

  • DXT: 9s
  • ETC1: 10s
  • PVR 4bpp: 48s
  • PVR 2bpp: 156s

Before you do a selection and mass convert of images, do a rough calculation to check how long it will take. Texture compression is a very expensive operation indeed. And the tools that do the conversion are written by the likes of ARM and Imagination Technologies, not PlayCanvas.

Those are very reasonable times for this project. The issue is that one 2K or 4K texture takes upwards of an hour or more. Might be an interface thing or a glitch that was happening yesterday, but it was taking almost forever compared to prior times in other projects.

Are you still getting those kinds of times today? We did experience high server load on the asset server yesterday. If you do, can you share the image and I’ll try to reproduce?

New Mike here. Same as the old Mike, upgraded account, well hopefully soon now we have the invoice paid.

It fixed itself the next day.

Good to know, @Mike_Kennedy. Thanks for the update.