[SOLVED] Project plays but not from editor

Hi, I’m trying to see if I can figure out 3d text and noticed that PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine launches when I click “play” from the project page, but if I click “play” from the editor itself only the “water” text appears.

I noticed that it seems like a superuser/company dev made it, so figured maybe it’s solvable?



Hi @Topper_Bowers and welcome,

It seems the other text entities are disabled, that’s why they aren’t showing. If you enable them they will render:

There seems to be an issue with the Fire text shader, seems to be throwing an exception, most likely a recent engine change broke something there.

@will @mvaligursky the shader tries to add a #define for cluster specular in a strange place.

By the way, when you click Play from the project page, it will launch a build the project owner has published at an earlier time.

That build will include the PlayCanvas engine version at the time it was published, that’s why it’s working here.

When you launch from editor it will load the latest engine version (or the one you have selected in the project settings).

we had the same issue today. I’ll add space before that #idefine … but it’s likely that a chunk that is added before it does not have empty line at the end.

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I’ve fixed the original project by adding a newline at the end of fire.frag.


Thank you! works great.