[SOLVED] Project not working as expected when launched

Hello! For some reason when my project is launched, a random particle system shows up for no apparent reason. Everything else works as expected, ships spawn and fly towards the camera. But a particle system spawns. This image shows the issue.

This happens in the Level 1 scene.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

@Michael_McPherson I am not sure how others can help. Can you share a link to your project?

Sure. This is the link to my project. PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

@Michael_McPherson are there two posts with the same topic on the forum?

For some reason when I posted the other one my computer froze and my internet was very slow so I wasn’t sure if it was posted.

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@Tirk182 Is there a way to fix this issue with the particle system showing up?

@Michael_McPherson I am sure there is a solution. I see that you have three separate particle systems that create your space effect. These are probably not the issue. The are two each particle systems per enemy and hero craft. What I would suggest is to disable the two on the Hero and play game. If problem still exists then it may be the particles on the hero. If not enable hero and disable on enemy and test.

I would also read this post about a concern I had with @Ashley_Solano about the continuous spawning of enemies and never destroying them.

The same pattern seems to be occurring and I am not sure all of the information is getting conveyed. Also, you can search this forum for similar questions on this exact same project and issues with the template.

Do some debugging steps and I will have a look as well.

Ok, thank you very much! I will try that!

Problem solved in the other topic:

Closing this topic.

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