[SOLVED] Project crashing when while loop starts

I was making a stamina script so that when player_stamina reaches 0 you wont be able to sprint until player_stamina reaches 100. But when the stamina reaches 1 it crashes.

Project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine


I see you have a method called break in health.js. break is a reserved word in JavaScript, try renaming it to something else and see if that fixes the crash.

no that didnt help

it may help to say that it also crashes the actual playcanvas site locally

You’ve written an infinite loop on line 41 in health.js:

while (player_stamina != 100) {
    canSprint = false;

player_stamina is not equal to 100 the first time this loop is called which causes the loop to be repeatedly called until the browser crashes. I recommend removing the while loop.

what do you suggest that I put instead?

nevermind i have figured it out