[SOLVED] Problems With layers in UI

I have a problem with a Layers of the UI in my project. I try show images front another image, but the image don’t show me when this image is put on a scrollView although the layer is the correctly. Can help me somebody?
Link to project PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

I’m not sure what the end result you are aiming for but there are some potential issues I see in the project

PromotionPanel is on both layers UI and LoadUI, is that deliberate to render on two layers?

The Camera isn’t rendering LoadUI

The LoadUI layer mesh sorting is set to back to front instead of manual like the UI layer. This means that UI elements aren’t rendered in the order of hierarchy like they are on the UI layer

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Thanks for your answer.
My intention its like similar this, but without change hierarchy
I change “Back to front” to “Manual” and look just as before

Could there be any solution?

I generally recommend using the hierarchy over layers to order UI elements that are part of the same screen as it can get complicated in the rendering where I think the parent mask of the element to render also have to have the same layers otherwise the mask doesn’t work.

Here’s a fixed version using layers: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1410860

With the example you have given, it was easier to just use UI layer and move FrontiMAGE to be the first child in the children of the screen as shown in the project below



Thanks for your tips @yaustar

I found the error The element Viewport hasn’t been layer LoadUI. Thanks for your time, and have a good day