[SOLVED] Problem with loading compressed glb-File

Building my own model-loader I’ve stumbled across the following issue:
I’ve exported a model from blender to .glb using compression:

and without compression:

Using the gltf-viewer both objects work, see:

Using the gltf-Loader example it did work with the uncompressed file, but not with the compressed one.
(the glbUrl is currently set at the not working https://xpe.at/testfiles/models/mercury-statue_06.glb)

Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks for any heads up

Is it draco compressed?

I used Blenders internal export tool, as far as I can tell,
this is indeed Google draco compression, checking here:

I assume, this is probably not supported using glb-utils?
If I have to stick to uncompressed, that’s no deal-breaker, I was just wondering as the glTF Viewer was able to load the compressed file.

If its Draco, you will need the WASM runtime here Loading Draco Compressed GLBs | Learn PlayCanvas

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I’ve added the runtime, and it now works perfectly!
Thanks for your help!