[SOLVED] Problem with importing fbx from blender

Hello, I don’t usually facing problem importing fbx from blender, but this time it has issue,

Do you have any idea?

This is the fbx, only the P and B letter are problematic…

I have tried turning off culling, but it’s still problem

This is in playcanvas

This is in blender

This is the link for the fbx file

This is the project link


Hi @EscalateBackend,

Not fully sure if it’s a PlayCanvas bug, the problem seems in the way triangles are created when this mesh is created in the engine (the mesh isn’t fully triangulated in Blender).

Try adding a Triangulate modifier in Blender before exporting, so that process happens there:

Then in PlayCanvas the model will render fine:


Oh I see… Thanks a lot for the insight, will try that now…

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It works like charm… Big Thanks

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