[SOLVED] Problem with a script animation

I have made a boxAnimation script, but there are no action. What is wrong and what should i do?

Well, tbh I don’t know how to make animations in Playcanvas, but do you want to move or rotate the box in a cycle or do you have an animation of the box moving or rotating? If you want better answers on this, you could create a new topic and ask that question instead of this one.

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Ok, its definetilly a better idea. Tnx.

That looks like the older legacy scripting syntax that is no longer supported. What documentation/tutorial/sample that your are following?

Erm… A bit odd that you are using the MDN docs and not the PlayCanvas documentation and tutorials?

I came to the Editor by using that site, didnt even knew PlayCanvas exist. What tutorial should i use, by your opinion? I just learning about HTML 5 and not know much about JavaScript, btw…

I can point you to tutorials and documentation for PlayCanvas:


These won’t teach you HTML5 or JavaScript though, there’s an assumption of prior knowledge here. Do you know any other programming languages.

No. Curently learning HTML 5 on W3Schools, after that i will start with JavaScript, i know there is a need for that, of cource. HTML 4 i s what i know but its old.
Tnx for tutorials btw.

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Try using some sites that provide courses in Javascript and Html. I started out using Khanacademy HTML and ProcessingJS AKA Javascript tutorials. W3Schools is also a good place to learn html. You can also use the docs provided by Playcanvas. Khanacademy also has more Advanced HTML and Advanced ProcessingJS (Javascript) as well. Those tutorials can help a lot, at least for me. Also, try using and learning other engines and languages like Unity and C# or Java to gain some extra knowledge that can help you later. There are ton of languages and tutorials online. Feel free to ask any question about these linked sites.

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Tnx a lot for info, i will share my projets with you guys :slightly_smiling_face:

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